Election Day Registration

If you are not pre-registered to vote 10 days before a general or primary election, 11 days before all other elections, you can still vote.

On Election Day, go to the polling place for the address where you currently live. There you can register and vote. [ More about Election Day Voting | Precinct & Polling Place Finder ]

You will need to show:

  1. proof of identity and
  2. proof of your current residence

Can I use a valid Iowa driver's license with current address?

FIrst, how do I establish proof of identity?

Provide one of the following as proof of identity if it is current, valid and contains your photo and an expiration date:

Second, how do I establish proof of current residence?

To prove your residence, one of the following items may be used if it contains your name and current address:

What if I don't have valid identification?

If you do not have proof of identity and residence, a registered voter in the precinct may attest to your identity and residence. Both you and the attester will be required to sign an oath swearing the statements being made are true. Falsely attesting or being attested for is a class "D" felony.

If you do not have proof of identity and residence and do not have anyone who can attest to your identity and residence, you will be allowed to vote a provisional ballot.

What happens after Election Day?

All voters who registered to vote on Election Day will be sent a notice by mail. If this notice is returned as undeliverable, a forwardable notice will be mailed to the voter. If a response is not received to that notice within 14 days, the county attorney and secretary of state will be notified for investigation and possible prosecution.