Clerk of District Court

Clerk of District Court
Scott & Cedar Counties

Scott County Courthouse
400 W. 4th St.
Davenport, Iowa 52801-1104
(563) 326-8647
FAX: (563) 326-8298
Monday to Friday: 8-4:30 pm

The Clerk of Court
Julie Carlin

Clerk of Court
(563) 326-8607

The Iowa district court has general jurisdiction of all civil, criminal and juvenile cases and probate matters in the state. The district court, which is also known as the trial court, is the point of entry in the court system for most cases.

The Iowa district court is composed of different kinds of judicial officers with varying amounts of jurisdiction - judicial magistrates, associate juvenile judges, associate probate judges, district associate judges, and district court judges.

The Clerk of District Court is the contact for matters involving child support, child custody, domestic violence, juvenile court and more.

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