Scott County, Iowa

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Public Health Safety Services

Medical Examiner

What types of services are offered through the Scott County Health Department Medical Examiner?

The Medical Examiner is a physician who works with law enforcement and the health care community to investigate unexpected, suspicious, or accidental deaths. The Medical Examiner performs autopsies, when necessary, determines the causes of death and completes death certificates.

The Medical Examiner also maintains and provides data to the State on the number of deaths due to heart disease, alcohol and drug-related deaths, infectious diseases, etc. By maintaining these numbers, those who write public policies and laws can determine whether the laws are protecting people or they need to be revised.

How do I reach the Medical Examiner?

The Medical Examiner may be reached by calling the Health Department at (563) 326-8618:
Office Hours are Mondays and Thursdays 8:30am to 1:00pm.