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Please complete the form below to report a nuisance complaint in Scott County, Iowa. A nuisance may include Air Quality, Animal Feces, Building, Food/Restaurant, Garbage/Dumpster, Illegal Burning, Illegal Dumping, Junk, Rats/Mice/Rodents, Roach/Insect, Sewage, Tires, Vehicle Fluid and Water complaint.

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We request this information to follow up on selected cases and check validity of data. This information is confidential not shared with any other party.
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Thank you for using our form. This nuisance complaint will be reviewed by the Scott County Health Department. You may be contacted within two business days. Your name and address are kept confindential. Please call our office at (563) 326-8618 with follow up questions.
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Scott County Only* This form is for reporting nuisances that occur in Scott County, Iowa. If the incident did not occur in Scott County, Iowa, please call your local Health Department.